Det Gamle Høloft is located in the North-western corner of Ringkøbing Fjord with direct access to a bicycle track from Ringkøbing along the North-side of the inlet via Søndervig to Hvide Sande.

The inlet-area at Det Gamle Høloft is extremely suitable for wind-surfing (with and without kite) for both the experienced as well as beginners (shallow). In periods of freezing, the area is very suitable for ice boat sailing (often clear ice).


As soon as in 1443, Ringkøbing became a market town and had its days of glory as a Western Jutland fishing port before the long tongue of land of the inlet was closed to the seaside with the building of the great drainage sluice in Hvide Sande in 1931. Today Ringkøbing is still an enterprising commercial town with a lot of special trade shops. A great part of the old centre of the town has been preserved or restored in the original style.
Here you still walk in streets paved with rough paving-stones and in the summer half-year season you can have a drink or a meal at a lot of the outdoor restaurants at the city square, in backyards or at the harbour. In the evening the corps of night watchmen is continuous on the beat in the streets and in the restaurants. Ringkøbing Museum is, apart from its function as a town museum, known for its iron-age collection and exhibition regarding the Danish expedition 1906-08 to Greenland led by fellow-townsman Mylius-Erichsen.

Periodic activities:

- walking tour of the town with a guide
- musical entertainment at the town square on Saturdays (most often classic jazz)
- Stown and inlet parties
- Antique fair
- Gathering of veteran cars
- walk of the night watchmen


The fresh sea breeze, the dunes and the broad sandy foreshores both to the North and to the South together with the conditions of the light, the hiss of the wind in the lyme grass, the volplane of the seagulls accompanied by singing of the lark and the roar of the sea in the beach gives you a particular sense of well-being as well as a sense of being far away from your everyday. The beaches at Søndervig all have "blue flag" (clean water for swimming) and amber is often found after a period of on-shore wind.
The town of Søndervig has been developed strongly with a large supermarket, stores with handicraft products and a lot of restaurants in all price ranges.

Periodic activities:

-Sand sculpture-festival/competition
-Tour of the German fortification from World War II
-Herring-jazz at Beach Bowl

Hvide Sande

The town and harbour of Hvide Sande was founded in 1931 along with the establishing of the sluices and the harbour and since it has grown to be one of the important fishing ports in Denmark (170 fishing boats).

There are two sluices in Hvide Sande: One drainage sluice for regulating the water depth and salt concentration in Ringkøbing Fjord and one passage sluice combining the North Sea with Ringkøbing Fjord.
The economic life of the town is completely dominated by the fishing industry and the service businesses regarding fishing and tourism, because of the about 5,000 weekend cottages in the municipality of Holmsland from Nymindegab in the South to Vedersø in the North.
The fish stores and fish smokehouses of Hvide Sande are among the most well-assorted in Denmark and they sell a lot of fish to guests on vacation. Especially a cold smoked fish called "helt" is sought for. This fish is found only in Ringkøbing Fjord and Stadil Fjord (it is to be enjoyed raw with freshly baked rye bread without butter).

Periodic activities:

-Herring-festival - fishing competition
-Ppublic fish auction with possibility of private shopping in small portions


Of course a lot of other interesting information about the area and a lot of other exciting activities than the mentioned are to be found.

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