800 m - 1 km:
-Ringkøbing Fjord: surfing, hiking and biking
-Kloster Design: candlelight production, café and design

1 km - 4 km:
-Golf court/ 18 and 6 holes court, see (
-Family activity centre, see (
-Luxurious nature products, see (

4 - 10 km:
-Put and Take: 3 different fishing ponds
-Fishing in the North Sea
-Farm shop with West Coast specialitys, see (

10 - 20 km:
-Lyngvig Fyr: 39 m high
-Fishing museum, see (
-Fish auction for turists, ask turistoffice
-Surfing - renting/schools, see (
-Activity Park, see (
-Riding Centre, see (
-Huntingmuseum, see (

20 - 50 km:
-Collection of veteran planes, pleasure flight.(
-Wreck master farm, see (
-Wreck museum, see (
-Nationalpark, see (
-The heath of Dejbjerg: heath area with the Hellig Kors church and Viewpoint]

50 - 80 km:
-Legoland, see (

The whole area

The territory around the inlets in western Jutland is an Eldorado for people who are interested in watching birds.
Here you can find almost every species of geese, ducks, swans together with herons, ibis, storks, falcons and hawks. Also to be seen are golden plovers, sandpipers, ruffs and reeves, bittern and many other species.
The best areas for observation are Veststadil Fjord, Skjern meadows and Tipperne with protection meadows.
Information in details about these and other areas and about species in relation to seasons, observation facilities and routing (incl. maps) are to be found at [].
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